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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Modi-Saudagar ya Jadugar?

Modi magic worked for the third time. Hope it is good answer to whoever called him "Maut ka Saudagar". His first SMS was the perfect decription "I am CM and always be the CM. For me CM means Common Man" It was a very touching sight when he spoke to his supports y'day. He said "I won b'cause of u all. This victory belongs to u". On the issue that Modi is now bigger than the party, his reply was very emotional. He said,"Those who say I have become bigger than the party, does not know about the history of the party." At this point he got so emotional that for few seconds he was not able to speak. He controlled himself and then said,"Can ever a child become bigger than his Mother?." It said it all..... (for this and other posts plz visit n comment on my all new blog at- http://alok12345.blogspot.com/

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