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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Benazir, Benazir & Benazir........

I am not her relative, not her friend, never interviewed her, never met her, never talked to her! Then why I am writing about her. I myself don't know. I was little sad when the news broke of her assasination. I don't know why. I was glued to a TV set, talking to my friends about the news but no one seemed to be interested. They said it was nothing new in Pakistan. Sooner or later It had to happen. But why Benazir, why not someone else? As far I am concerned It was a black day for the entire region but more for our neighbour. They lost a charismatic leader. But why I am concerned! Why I was not able to sleep whole night? I did'nt had my breakfast the next morning. I was feeling low. Why? As i said I had no relation with the departed soul. After introspecting for almost two days I sat to write down. As the title says Benazir,Benazir & Benazir......... meaning beautiful. She was beautiful, charismatic leader with mass appeal, well educated. And most Important she was almost on the verge of becoming Prime Minister Of Pakistan. But again why I am disturbed? Am I disturbed for Pakistan. May be Yes. Yes........... Yeas I got it right........ Its for pakistan. I am sad for Pakistan. SHHHHSSSSSS. If someone hear this will brand me as a traitor. Right! No not in todays scenario. Things have changed in past few years. Both the countries are looking to each other as strategic partners. But this untimely demise of Mrs. Bhutto will change something. It will change pakistan. In fact It has changed Pakistan. Mush......... Please listen. Death of Mrs Bhutto will change Pakistan. I cannot say how right now....... But Still I am sad...........This post is incomplete. Will get back as soon as i gather my words.

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satyandra yadav said...

i also don't know benzir more ..u also telling don't know benzir... what's relation between u and her... u never have met her ... but your question r that.. why did not have got rest..?why did not u get breakfast...?
don't think others what'r thinking ? oly think that u r a responsible citizine her neighour.
u r jaurnalist... u r thinker... u have feeling.. and murcy... don't think only india is mine... others country is nothing... i said to u ...no one unknown all world are my house.
Benzir is a charming and effective leader. we lost my good neighour leader who thought about pice between india and pakistan .
so , we felt bad to her died. so, we did not get sleep . so, we or u did not get breakfast.
she was asian icon.

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