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Sunday, November 25, 2007

whatever you do will be insignificant,but it is very important that you do it-mahatma gandhi

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. Mahatma Gandhi To morrow will be going a day of Indian protest against the climate change and protest against those who are real culprits of enviourment. Oue earth is dying and our mother nature is taking last breath and its true as all the leading scientist has been saying from last decade that earth is on the process of destruction as till 2035 there will be no more glaciers of himalya’s ‘the great himalaya often said as the extreme It gave water to billions it gave food to billions it gave job to billions it gave sheer happiness though for moments but it gives smile to millions it gave joy to the people as drinking water right from gangotri to Calcutta in other words Himalaya in the form of ganga river gives every thing to humanity but what we we did we almost has warmed earth and killed our mother nature Just by digging the earth Cutting the forests by killing the beautiful creatures species of the world not only through gun but also with emitting gases . We already knew by various researches done by eminent scientist community that global warming is real, it’s already happening, and that it is the result of our activities and not a natural occurrence. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. I knew being an Indian I emit and so my fellow indians about .25 ppm of co2 ton each in a year and we Indians are approx 20 % of worlds population but emitting co2 only unto 4% and usa which is only 4% of worlds population and emits about 25% of co2 as a whole and as per American the figure is 5 ton ppm of co2 emission per year. So when the talks started of binding targets to reduce the emissions in the form of Kyoto America rejected the Kyoto saying that as global warming is not happening and Kyoto is not taking India and china under cutting of emission. The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement under which industrialized countries will reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.2% compared to the year 1990 . The goal is to lower overall emissions of six greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride, HFCs, and PFCs - calculated as an average over the five-year period of 2008-12 National limitations range from 8% reductions for the European Union and some others to 7% for the US, 6% for Japan, 0% for Russia, and permitted increases of 8% for Australia and 10% for Iceland. petition We the undersigned demand that the USA, and other who really are the slow killers of the climate or develop countries demonstrate climate leadership by starting to unblock international progress on an effective international emissions reductions treaty with binding targets. so We demand that the treaty ratified by all countries goes beyond gesture politics. We urgently need to do what needs to be done to safeguard all future life, rather than trying to get away with what we can. The USA, along with other long industrialized countries, must acknowledge that they owe a "carbon debt" to the rest of the world and they should help other countries to develop their technology to cope up with green house emission cutting technology. Why the some developed countries are not thinking that they owe to developing countries everything They should further accept responsibility for the adaptive measures that other countries with limited resources are forced to make in order to cope with the climate impacts that their emissions have disproportionately been responsible for. We are with the earth for the earth we don’t want to give our childrens ruins of nature or may be nothing but ecept burning earth. Please save the world save yourself . Thanks and jai hind It’s anurag amitabh

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