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Friday, November 2, 2007

Return of Cheap Thrills on News channels

Years later, the cheap thrills make a comeback – and how! Switch your television on, and browse through all the Hindi news channels. You will know what I mean. A few days back, on India Television, the only news that was doing the rounds was Sanjay Dutt’s release. Nothing wrong with that – but what would you say if the news headline read Munnabhai ki Rihai? Watching this piece is virtually a blow-by-blow (pun very deliberately intended) account of how Sanjay Dutt couldn’t sleep at night, what the weather inside the jail is like, how people are thronging at Pune to welcome their hero (who has been convicted under the Arms act, but who cares). The reporters even asked some of the fans to sing for Sanju Baba – and they obliged with their bhaktiful renditions of pedestrian bhajans for Sanjay Dutt. You can't get more sickeningly servile than that! साभार - news web

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